What They Didn’t Tell Me…. About Pregnancy

Where do I begin? First I will say, no two pregnancies are the same.  Second one… way harder. 

How much you will Google E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

This Googling obsession begins in pregnancy and stays strong throughout motherhood.  Google thrives on worried moms and moms-to-be.  I Googled things like “how hot is too hot when it comes to bath water?”  “Can I eat cookie dough while pregnant?” “What if my dog steps on my belly while pregnant?” 

I honestly wish I kept a running list of my google searches.  Wait- no, no I don’t.

Seriously though, if you were a worrier pre-preggo, nothing can prepare you for the avalanche of “what happens if…” It didn’t help matters that I had an anterior placenta, so the baby kicks were subtle and sometimes I went many hours (or a full day or two) without feeling a thing.  This put my OB nurse on speeddial, along with many trips to the doctor to check in on baby. I do not wish anterior placentas on my worst enemy.  You have to throw your hands up and trust in the good Lord.

Maybe keep a list of your Google searches for a good laugh over a hearty glass of wine post pregnancy? Just a thought.

How serious the food cravings are.

My previous understanding was that food cravings were much like they are if you’re just really feelin’ some pizza on a Friday night.  Boy was I wrong. Cravings during pregnancy are much more serious.

 I will tell a little story involving a restaurant chain that’s held dear to the hearts of all across the United States, Chick-Fil-A.

Rob and I were traveling back from a work trip and stopped at the Chick. Backstory:  Chik-Fil-A will sell you one fried chicken tender in a box, if you so choose.  Well, MOST of them will sell you one fried tender.  Before this particular visit, I had been ordering a healthy option of grilled chicken sandwich and a fruit cup.  However, the baby in my womb demanded a taste of glistening, fried goodness.  Therefore, I would order just one fried tender with my meal.  What baby wants… baby gets. I step up to order with my husband next to me and ordered my usual. The cashier readily informed me that their location does not sell the one tender separately.  She actually seemed excited to crush my preggo dreams.  My response: “Yes, you do…  I’ve done this at least 15 times at Chick-Fil-A’s everywhere!”  She insisted that she could not sell me the one tender, while informing that their location also does not offer a military discount. WHAT KIND OF ESTABLISHMENT IS THIS?  Ya’ll… I almost lost it crazy person style in the middle of this place.  My whole body was flushed, and I was feeling some tears forming. I argued with her for the better part of 5 minutes about this tender debacle.

Was this rational?  Absolutely not. Did I care?  Absolutely not. 

After I realized that the hope of my one tender was lost, I immediately left and went to the restroom to regain some composure.  I came back to my seat to find a box resembling a fried tender box sitting on the tray with my grilled sandwich meal.  I opened it up, and there it was! A fried tender!  I turned to my husband and said “how did this happen??? She was wrong the whole time wasn’t she??” He said “I just worked my magic, baby.”  He got about 14,762 brownie points for that one event.  Turns out… he ordered a pack of 4 and asked for a separate box, so he could place one tender in there for me.  God gave me an angel in this man.  He later admitted he didn’t want me to be upset over a tender for the rest of the drive home.  Well played.

That story is just one small example of the wrath that can ensue after a failed attempt to answer a pregnancy food craving. The cravings are real… and they must be fulfilled in less than 30 minutes of entering your brain.  Our poor husbands…

How sleepy you will be

Alright, the sleepy thing was a real struggle during my first pregnancy… not so much during my second. I heard moms talk about how tired they were during pregnancy, but I assumed that meant they were fatigued from hormones/weight gain/nesting/eating pizza.  I never knew this meant sleepy-tired.

Flashback to a year ago, I remember sleeping from 9:30 PM to 6:30 AM without moving a muscle.  Luckily, I didn’t deal with the frequent pee-pee sessions in the middle of the night up until the very end, so I slept like a rock.  You would think I would be well-rested for my day of sitting in front of a computer on my bottom for 7 hours straight at work, right?


I remember physically driving to the back of the nearby Publix parking lot during my lunch break, so I could take a nap in my car.  I didn’t trust my co-workers/boss to leave me to rest peacefully in the company parking.  I guess I put a lot of trust into strangers and employees at Publix?  Who knew Publix was great for naps as well as excellent customer service?

Also, let me note that I have NEVER been a napper.  I felt naps were pointless and a waste of time.  Such foolish words I will never speak again.  During my pregnancy, I could take a nap basically anywhere.  When Publix wasn’t an option, I sometimes fell asleep face down on my wood desk a few times… drool and everything.

This pregnancy has been a tad different.  There hasn’t been one night I’ve slept peacefully without waking at least once between 2 AM and 6 AM.  I think when you become a mother; your ability to really dive into a deep sleep completely diminishes.  I guess I’ll sleep when I’m 50ish.  Our baby monitor currently lives on my husband’s side of the bed, under a pillow, with the speaker facing the carpet… and I STILL wake up whenever Everette shuffles a finger.  She recently went through a phase of waking up and crawling around in her crib and talking to the walls. Who am I kidding?  She still does that.  You better believe I wake up for that noise. I’ve heard other moms with the insomnia/light sleeper issue when they were pregnant with boys, so maybe he’s the culprit. 

Confession: Almost daily I use Everette’s first nap to take my own nap. I feel so lazy, but it’s necessary for survival and a positive attitude during teething.

 How difficult it is to accomplish everyday tasks.

I tend to be one of those humans that has trouble feeling helpless.  I really like taking care of things on my own.  Pregnancy was a humbling experience in that aspect.  I found myself needing help to tie my shoes, get out of bed, pick up items that fell on the floor, getting in and out of the car when it is 100 degrees outside… you name it.

With my first pregnancy, I worked out 3-4 days a week.  I had my preggo life together (picture above at 32 weeks showing glowing makeup and a rested smile during first pregnancy). I could even shave my legs up until the very end. Not anymore…

 Throughout this second pregnancy, I feel accomplished if I shower by 10 PM.  You heard me… I feel accomplished if I wallow around in my own filth for 14 hours while displaying that filthy state to the public world. Needless to say, the working out thing hasn’t been happening… unless you count picking up my daughter 84 times a day and taking her on 3 walks a day to give us both the peace of the outdoors. Side note: if your baby is fussy, aka having multiple meltdowns, take he/she outside.  It usually gives you a little rest from the fury.


Picture above is from today at 26 weeks, 4 days. My hair hasn't been brushed, but I am wearing matching socks.  Let's call it a win, ladies and gents. I will not be having professional maternity photos made, for obvious reasons. 

It has been an interesting dynamic… pregnant with a baby crawling around.  There are a lot of emotions running wild, and I’ll have to do a whole blog post on how I’m mentally, physically and emotionally prepping for baby #2 while caring for baby #1.  I’ll say it’s tough, but I know it’ll be worth every minute. 

I’ll leave you on this note… we all know the real struggle is when a sneeze catches you off guard.  Everything else, you can handle!