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Hello everyone! My name is Amy Drum, the woman/wife/mom behind Crown and Clover. A few moments before I said my vows to my (patient and handsome) husband, I decided to write him a letter.  A very special verse kept coming to mind. 1 John 4:19 says “We love because He first loved us”. To me this verse means, “We came from love, for the purpose of love”. Can you imagine a world without love? I know I don’t want to.  Love is one of the only pure things left in this world.  What a gift!  I’ve been carrying a sweet and simple version of that verse around with me wherever I go, “from love, for love”.  It’s how I live my life, and it is the heart and soul of Crown and Clover.

Speaking of love, my heart doubled in size when I found out I was expecting my daughter, Evie Lou.  I immediately began hunting for the perfect clothing, blankets, and accessories (basically I needed to buy everything, right?).  I searched around town but couldn’t find anything that really spoke to me.  I needed something different, but not weird, if you know what I mean.  After many idea boards, Instagram inspiration, and a whole lot of prayer… The idea for Crown and Clover was born!

Crown and Clover stands on the truth that children are naturally and completely beautiful, exactly how God made them. We provide classic products with a unique touch that come alive with the personality of each child.  Even more than that, Crown and Clover makes a promise to serve others.  With every single order, you will find a little box with the simple question, “How can we be praying for you?” We would love the blessing of praying over you and your loved ones.  Prayer changes the world, ya’ll!  I can tell you from experience that is changes mine, every day.

We love you all! Thank you for becoming a part of our story!  

Much Love,


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